The mission of COBALT is to enhance, promote and inspire the leadership of the legal profession.  COBALT brings together lawyers from different practice areas with a variety of experiences from across Colorado.  These lawyers are acknowledged leaders of the profession and their communities.  COBALT builds upon their leadership skills and promotes new leadership experiences by:

• Teaching accepted and recognized leadership skills and philosophies;
• Fostering professional relationships within the Colorado legal profession and the greater community;
• Promoting professional ethics and community service; and
• Raising awareness among lawyers of the broad range of issues and challenges facing the legal profession and our overall system of justice. 

Overview of Program

COBALT will be composed of an initial retreat (one full day and two half days), three one-day workshops, and two day and a half workshops on substantive issues, and a graduation celebration. The class will include 20 lawyers, of varying ages, experience levels, and from different parts of the state. Each participant must make a commitment of eight and a half days over six months to the process.   CLE may be available for some of the programs but it is not a goal of the project. 

COBALT is an interactive leadership training program designed specifically for lawyers with demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to the legal community. Members of the Program Committee, comprising former graduates of the COBALT program, plan each day of programming with the intent to not only teach leadership skills, but also to address challenges faced by leaders in the legal community and the general community, inspire and energize students, and facilitate a group learning experience. The benefit of the training will vary depending on each individual’s level of experience, commitment, participation, and interest in the program. Prior students have described COBALT as being both professionally and personally rewarding, although each person will describe the individual benefits of the program differently.  When asked if she would recommend COBALT to colleagues, Stacie Colling wrote,

"Yes, in a heartbeat!  This is not just a course about leadership.  It is an intensive program designed to make you the best leader you can be, from the inside out.  It’s not about reading leadership books and doing what they say to do – it’s about figuring out who you are, what your leadership style is, and how you can best lead and serve.  I can’t think of any other program like it and I can’t think of any other leadership program that would be better."

Applicants are encouraged to contact members of the 2011 Executive or Program Committees or past participants of the program with questions regarding his or her personal experience. Links to prior class members are on the left navigation bar.  Contact information for the Executive and Program Committees are in the box in the upper right corner.