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Disclosure Requirements for CFIs, Child Legal Representatives, Parenting Coordinators, Decision-Makers, and Parental Responsibility Evaluators.  Senate Bill 12-056 went into effect July 1, 2012. Read it online here

This bill concerns disclosure requirements in judicial appointments in domestic relations cases involving children.  The new law requires that CFIs, Child Legal Representatives, Parenting Coordinators, Decision-Makers and Parental Responsibility Evaluators disclose andy familial, financial, or social relationship tehy have or have had with the child, either party, the attorneys of record, or the judicial officer, and if a relationship exists, the nature of the relationship.  The disclosure is to be filed by the appointed person within 7 days of the appoinment.  A party may object to the appointment due to information contained in the disclsure within 7 days of the disclosure and the Court may, in its discretion, appoint another person or affirm the appointment within 7 days of the date the objection is fied.  If no timely objection is filed, then the appointment is deemed confirmed.  As a practice tip, you or your paralegal/secretary should add these disclosure requirement due dates, objection due dates and order due dates to your checklist/tickler system in any domestic relations case.

The following forms have been created or updated to meet the new requirement:

Income Assignments.  Please note that the form for Income Assignments has been revised and it is MANDATORY that you use the new form.  Please note also that payments MUST go through teh Family Support Registry if an income assignment is used.  The new form JDF1804 and instructions can be found at   see .     

CFI STATEWIDE ELIGIBILITY ROSTER:  Pursuant to CJD 04-08, as amended, all CFIs must be listed on the Statewide Eligibility Roster to be eligible for appointment. 

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