Family Law Section

The Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association is a group of over nine hundred lawyers committed to enhancing the practice of family law in the State of Colorado. The Section provides a forum for the education of, and communication among family law practitioners and their staff, judges, elected officials, the state bar association, and members of the public.

Membership in the Section includes

  1. A periodic newsletter containing the latest information on key legislation, listings and analyses of recent case law, and Section news;
  2. Regular luncheons covering all areas of interest and concern to those involved in the practice of family law, and from which luncheon attendees receive valuable CLE credits;
  3. Telephone access to the CLE portions of the luncheon for out-of-metro members;
  4. Regularly scheduled CLE programs on substantive areas of family law;
  5. Participation in designing programs and legislation that directly affect your practice;
  6. A directory of experts and services of benefit to you and your clients;
  7. A network of professionals knowledgeable in all facets of family law, and sharing the same concerns;
  8. Significant discounts on legal education programs and materials; 
  9. A mentoring program through MVL.

To apply for membership, an individual must be a member of the Colorado Bar Association. For further information, contact the CBA or Juliann Tricarico at

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