April 19, 2024- Family- Basics of the Legislative Process Relating to Family Law

April 10, 2024- Family L&L- HEADS UP!!! The Intersection of Criminal Law and Domestic Relations Cases

March 15, 2024- Family- Mediation Mastery: Maximizing Effective Mediation Techniques

February 16, 2024- Family- The Colorado Child Support Commission's Stakeholder Meeting with the Family Law Section

February 14, 2024- FLS L&L- Domestic Relations and Estate Planning, Intersections in Every Case

January 25, 2024- What all Young Lawyers Should Know About Financial Issues in Divorce

January 19, 2024- Family- Winter Family Law Case Update

January 10, 2024- Family L&L- HEADS UP!! AI Is Coming For You- RoboLawyer, Ethics, AI and the Law

November 17, 2023- Family- The New Era of Marital Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements

October 20, 2023- Family- THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Understanding and Drafting Parenting Plans for Neurodivergent Families

October 11, 2023- FLS Lunch & Learn- The BIG Secret and Who Holds the Key? Child Privacy-Access to Child’s Therapist-Records-Ordering Therapy-ETC

September 15, 2023- Family- All is Fair in Love and Trust Law

September 13, 2023- Family L&L- Collaborative Law and Other Cooperative Paradigms

May 19, 2023- Family- The Challenges, Pitfalls, and Considerations Involving Sorenson Clients

May 10, 2023- FLS L

April 21, 2023- Joint CLE With Military

March 8, 2023- FLS Lunch

February 17, 2023- Family- Proposed Changes to Colorado’s Judicial Discipline System

January 20, 2023- Family- Winter 2023 Family Law Update

January 11, 2023- Family law lunch and learn- The U.S. Supreme Court- What's Next??

November 18, 2022- Family- ETHICS refresher! Professionalism and representation in family law cases in a post-COVID era



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November 9, 2022- FLS Lunch and Learn- Discovery: Good Faith-Good Practices

October 21, 2022- Income Issues in the DR World


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October 12, 2022- "A Friendly Ghost or Hocus-Pocus?: Multicultural Considerations in Financial Expert Reports"

September 16, 2022- A Child's Wishes: At What Age Can a Child Decide?



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September 14, 2022 FLS Lunch and Learn- "Did I Do That? A Cultural Guide to PRE/CFI"

May 20, 2022- Insights from Attorney Regulation: Trends, Tips and Updates

April 15, 2022 Family law cle: Hogsett-What a Mess!


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March 18, 2022 FLS

February 18, 2022- Family- Family Law Case Update

January 21, 2022- Family- Judicial Round Table on Maintenance and Child Support in 2022

November 19, 2021- Family- ICWA Issues and the Impact on Family Law Cases in Light of Stockwell

October 20, 2021- Family- Parenting Time and Decision Making: The View from the Bench

October 15, 2021- Unbundling Updates: What You Need to Know About Limited Scope Representation

October 6, 2021- Family Lunch and Learn

September 17, 2021- Family- Child Support Updates

May 21, 2021- Where Has Professionalism Gone In Family Law


April 16, 2021- Private Adoption: Navigating Issues and Avoiding Pitfalls

March 19, 2021 cle- ADR for Family Law- Beginning, During and After Your Case

February 19, 2021- Are you kidding? We're still using Webex?

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