Public Legal Education

The Colorado Bar Association puts on a number of Public Legal Education Programs for students and attorneys. Below is a list of Colorado Bar Association school-based and attorney educational programs. If you have any questions please contact  Ashley Staab.


Law Day 

Law Day is celebrated on May 1st every year. It is meant to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and to recognize its importance for society.


Each year, there is a different theme selected to help understand the law and legal process in the United States. The 2024 theme is Voices of Democracy.


In celebration of Law Day every year, the CBA hosts an annual CLE as well as essay contests for students in middle and high school and art contests for students in elementary school.


The Colorado Bar Association recognizes Law Day through its civics education essay contest for middle and high school students. Youth are invited to share their thoughts about a particular topic related to the courts and U.S. government.  

  • Write an essay that fits the prompt and ties in the theme of Law Day.  
  • All essays should be typed using 12-point font.  
  • Please include any documentation of research in a works sited page.  
  • All essays must be submitted through this form by March 1.  
  • Winner will be announced on Law Day, May 1 
  • Winners will be published in the Colorado Lawyer May edition.  
  • All winners will receive a complimentary copy of the publication. 


The Colorado Bar Association recognizes Law Day through its civics education art contest for elementary school students. Youth are invited to create artwork that reflects the law day theme.

  • Artwork must reflect the theme—“Voices of Democracy.”
  • All mediums accepted. Creativity is awarded. Color is preferred.
  • Each must be done on at least 8.5 x 11 paper.
  • Artwork must be submitted through the online form and must be received by March 1, 2023.
  • Winner will be announced on Law Day, May 1, 2024
  • Winners will be published in the Colorado Lawyer May edition.
  • All winners will receive a copy of the publication. 


Constitution Day 

Constitution Day recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution and those who have become U.S. citizens.   

In celebration of constitution day, the CBA will coordinates Constitution Day presentations, which are held the week of September 17. Volunteer attorneys teach students of all grade levels about the Constitution and provide pocket constitutions to classrooms by request. 


Career fairs 

Attorneys and/or judges will speak to students about the legal professions to a classroom or at a CBA sponsored booth. 


Classroom Speakers 

Schools may request attorneys for special speaking engagements. These requests are for various legal topics and general career awareness in the law. Presentation ideas are available for volunteers through the Public Legal Education Department or let us know if you have a specific topic in mind. 


Mock Trial

Since 1985, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has proudly sponsored the Colorado High School Mock Trial Program. This educational program is one of more than forty-five educational programs in Colorado and is one of the leading and most respected programs in the country. 
More than 100 high school teams participate in Colorado’s mock trial program. Approximately 1,500 students perform as attorneys and/or witnesses in a court case. Hundreds of attorneys, judges, teachers, and other community leaders volunteer their time to instruct students about the judicial system and the trial process through this educational program. 


Our Courts 

Our Courts is a nationally recognized program that brings non-partisan informational programs to adult audiences to further public knowledge and understanding of the state and federal courts in Colorado. Our Courts began in 2007 as a joint activity of the Colorado Judicial Institute and the Colorado Bar Association. Constant with its purpose, Our Courts presentations and volunteer speakers take no position regarding any court case, legislation, ballot issue, or proposed change to the court system.



COBALT is an interactive leadership training program designed specifically for lawyers with demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to the legal community.  Not only are class members taught leadership skills, they also learn how to address challenges faced by leaders in the legal community and the general community.  The program’s goals include: nurturing effective leadership with respect to ethical, professional and community service issues; building relationships among legal leaders from across the state and from across experience levels; and raising the level of awareness among lawyers regarding the broad range of issues facing the legal profession.  



CODACC invites diverse attorneys throughout the state to find their fit within the CBA and in the greater Colorado legal community, which includes exploring CBA programs and opportunities and making friends and business contacts who they would not have otherwise met. Through a mix of intimate and open-to-the-public retreats and other networking events, CODACC will train participants in core Racial Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity competencies that they can share with CBA members, colleagues, employers, family, friends, and the broader community Additionally, CODACC will promote mentoring opportunities for diverse attorneys and open doors for diverse attorneys to take more leadership positions at work and in their communities. 


For more information about these programs, please contact Ashley Staab, Manager of Public Legal Education.