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Listed below are people in our legal community who are currently in need of assistance. If you are able to assist, please follow the directions within the specific story.


Cindy Myrick — January 2018

A member of our legal community, Cindy Myrick, could use a helping hand.  Cindy is a mother, friend to many, and litigation paralegal at a firm in Lakewood. She has been battling with a brain mass and facial nerve disorder, Trigeminal neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is a pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from the face to brain. The brain mass and nerve disorder cause severe episodes of shooting or jabbing pain that feels like an electrical shock to the face. Episodes of such pain evolve from constant aching and burning to spasm-like pain the face that lasts from hours to days.


Cindy recently underwent surgery to remove the mass on her brain.  Cindy must now undergo radiation to kill the nerves in her face. Radiation treatment has its own painful side effects.


The end result of this long process is that our hard-working colleague, Cindy, has been forced to miss four months of work and, even with insurance, she has accumulated many unpaid medical bills. Notwithstanding continuing pain and on-going radiation treatment, Cindy has attempted to return to work in order to stay afloat financially. She has used all of her saving and retirement accounts, and could use some modest financial support for bills, gas, and food until she is back on her feet.


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