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Thursday, May 24
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Modern Law Practice Initiative Book Club — May 31 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Learn how to expand your client base by offering customized legal help! This month the Modern Law Practice Initiative Book Club will cover Chapter 5: Unbundling and Limited Scope Representation from Successful Business Planning for the Modern Law Practice. Topics include the rules around limited scope representation, customizing your practice to offer unbundled services, and identifying solutions that fit the client’s needs. Meet with other lawyers to learn how modern representation can help grow your practice. We meet at the CBA offices (Terrace Room). Wine, beer, and light snacks available for your enjoyment!

Attend the Best IP & Tech Law Conference in the Country! Next Week: May 31–June 1
Highlights include a new, skills-based track on Patent Prosecution; an In-house Counsel track; plenary sessions featuring national speakers; high-ranking USPTO Officials sharing perspectives and SPEs sharing tips; and great networking opportunities!
Business Continuity: The New Frontier of Backup, Data Protection and Disaster Avoidance — June 5 from noon to 1 p.m.
Catastrophic data loss can cripple your firm and lead to malpractice claims, among other unpleasant things. You can’t afford to be without a plan for avoiding this. From creating backup rules to establishing responsibilities in your office, learn all the steps and technology you need to build a rock-solid system that will keep you up and running or permit a quick recovery from worst-case scenarios. Free Webinar. Approved for One CLE Credit. Questions? Contact Sue Bertram.
Free Casemaker Training Webinar — June 14 from noon to 1 p.m.
This webinar will show you the Casemaker system and how to use it to suit your needs. Approved for One CLE Credit. Questions? Contact Sue Bertram.
Best Practices and Ethics in the Profession: Being a Lawyer’s Lawyer — June 20 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Offered for 7 Ethics Credits and sponsored by the CBA Lawyers’ Professional Liability Committee. Highlights include National and Local Trends in Legal Malpractice; Cybersecurity: How to Keep the Hackers and Malpractice Liability at Bay; Colorado Legal Cannabis, the Cole Memo, and Practicing Ethically Anyway; and Sexual Harassment, Gender Inequality and Legal Ethics. Plus, don’t miss the panel of justices and judges on Professionalism and Correcting Errors in the Courtroom.

From the Legal Connection and Solo in Colorado

Forging New Writing Conventions: Parentheticals (And How We Use Them)
Putting citations after sentences sacrifices readability for credibility. The convention has critics but is here for the immediate future. Its sister convention is putting parentheticals after citations. This convention rarely gets any discussion. It should.
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From the Courts and Legal Community

Colorado Judicial Institute Judicial Excellence Awards
Nominations for the 2018 CJI Judicial Excellence Awards are open until June 7. Please join CJI in celebrating Colorado’s outstanding jurists both by nominating a judge or magistrate and by helping spread the word about the Judicial Excellence Awards.
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Special Offer: 50% off Lawyers Announcements in the July Colorado Lawyer
Submit your Lawyers Announcement ad for the July Colorado Lawyer by Friday, June 1, and receive a one-time special offer of 50% off. Contact Clair Smith or click here for more information.

Casemaker Tip: And Searches
The and search is the simplest search to do in Casemaker. Simply put any number of words in leaving a space between each, and Casemaker will retrieve documents which contain all the words you mentioned. Contract binding will find the documents which mention both the word contract and the word binding. The search string handgun felony minor will find the documents containing the words handgun, felony and minor in them. Please Note: You do not need and should not use the word and in your search. The system already sees the space between your terms as and search unless you say otherwise. Including the word and may yield the wrong results.
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From the Lending Library: Flexible Trusts and Estates for Uncertain Times, 6th Ed.
Written for lawyers who already possess a sophisticated understanding of estate planning and will and trust drafting issues, this book contains the wisdom and experience of Horn’s decades of practice. This edition further refines and expands the analysis experienced practitioners have come to expect from this title, with more than 150 sample forms, more than twenty complete wills, trusts, and other instruments, and extensive analysis of the options for creating and completing all of these. Lawyers new to the area will find a great deal of helpful information as well, as Horn provides the framework for understanding concepts, then details the multitude of options available. An indispensable, up-to-date asset for any trust and estates lawyer. Includes more than 155 sample forms—many with alternative variables—plus 19 complete form documents.
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Got Sleep?
Sleep deprivation is torture. Lack of sleep increases the chances of diabetes, cognitive impairments, weight gain, memory loss, automobile accidents, and it negatively impacts immune functions responsible for healing in the body. And who is sleep deprived? Lawyers. Lawyers are, according to most studies, one of the most sleep deprived professional populations in the United States. Do your clients, your co-workers, your family, and the profession a favor: get more sleep! You will immediately improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. For more information or for confidential assistance, please contact COLAP at 303-986-3345 or visit our website at
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